Research Chemicals: Many chemical substances such as opium have their natural origin in plants. Thanks to advances in science, scientists are now able to recreate natural substances in the laboratory. If you can create something in a lab setting, research opportunities become endless. Modifying chemicals to have a different composition is one example. While these can be altered, their composition remains unregulated by governments – they’re known as’research chemicals’ and must only be used for research purposes. Funcaps laboratory in Newfoundland tests all research chemicals before they enter circulation. Once tested and approved by authorities, research chemicals will be included in the Opium Act. This allows it to be determined if they are also suitable for medical use (like morphine). If you need research chemicals for scientific projects, our shop has everything you need. For more information about our selection of research chemicals, visit our website today! Here are some of the most sought-after research chemicals:

4F-Ritalin, also known as “4F-MPH”, is a stimulant classified in the piperidine and enethylamine classes of research chemicals. Its structure is nearly identical to that of methylphenidate with one fluorine atom only bound to four positions on its core phenethylamine unit. 4F-Ritalin can provide alertness and reduced fatigue but not more energy levels.

3-CMC, also known as 3-chloromethacathinone, is a Research Chemical that many consider the replacement/alternative to 3-MMC. This powder/crystalline compound causes you to feel happy, warm and relaxed; you also stay alert while knowing what you’re doing. It helps build self-confidence levels while encouraging empathy, belongingness connection and openness towards life experiences.

As the successor to 3-MMC, 2-MMC can legally and safely be used for research purposes by substituting one chemical with another. Individual effects may differ depending on how it’s administered but some common reactions include feeling confident, euphoric and fostering empathy; they also create feelings of belongingness, connectedness and openness.

2-Ketamine, commonly abbreviated as 2-FDCK, is a dissociative chemical belonging to the Arylcyclohexylamines group of research chemicals. Similar effects to Ketamine may occur with 2-FDCK as well, including hallucinations and euphoria as well as conceptual thinking.

A-PiHP is a stimulant in the cathinone family with both stimulant and hallucinogenic effects that may be combined. This strong, euphoric drug may last for a short time and cause intense feelings of euphoria as well as increase thinking speed. A-PiHP may also cause energy rise, ego inflation or motivation enhancement.

Flubromazepam powder is a 98% pure substance. It causes muscle relaxation, numbness and euphoria; plus it’s anti-anxiety and sleep promoting! Withdrawal effects take half an hour after taking flubromazepam.

Bromazolam is a member of the benzodiazepine family and its effects are anxiolytic, soporific and sedative. Due to its chemical similarity to Alprazolam, you should pay attention to how much you take when taking this substance – otherwise you could end up sleeping all day or feeling fatigued. Bromazolam comes in 2.5 mg doses with effects lasting 6-8 hours.

All information pertaining to research chemicals, and the chemicals themselves, are for educational and research use only. These products should not be taken as supplements.

What Harm Does Research Chemistry Cause the Body
Research chemicals are only meant for scientific use, yet some people purchase them for personal use. Some of these substances can be treated in much the same way that drugs on List I under the Opium Act would. Research chemicals can be easily abused, as they are legally sold for scientific research. We want to warn you about the dangers that research chemicals may have on your body; they may have similar side effects as illegally sold chemicals. According to the Opium Act, these products should not be consumed personally. If you’re conducting scientific research, ordering research chemicals online from our webshop is easy. Have a specific research chemical in mind? Order it today! makes ordering research chemicals online an effortless process for those in scientific research. Simply decide which chemicals are necessary and add them to your shopping cart before checking out – orders placed before 16:30 will be shipped the next working day, meaning you can get lab-tested research chemicals quickly! Research Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Supplies not only sells research chemicals, but also articles suitable for personal use such as pleasure products that can be used in the bedroom. With Research Chemicals & Pharmaceutical Supplies you are in control of everything!

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